Hayward Recycled Water Project

In 2022, the City of Hayward began providing recycled water for irrigation of parks, schools, roadway medians, and landscaped areas around commercial and industrial buildings.

Bringing Recycled Water to Hayward

Recycled water is produced from wastewater that is collected from homes and businesses within Hayward and treated at the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility. Recycled water has undergone treatment ensuring it is safe for a variety of non-drinking uses. For more information on recycled water, see our Frequently Asked Questions

In California, the State regulates the production and use of recycled water, and has adopted strict regulations to protect the public from any potential risks. Recycled water is routinely tested to ensure compliance with stringent water quality standards and can only be delivered to customers if it meets all requirements.

Community Benefits

Every gallon of water that is recycled saves a gallon of drinking water, and reduces the volume of wastewater discharged to San Francisco Bay. Here are some more benefits of recycled water:

  • Creates a locally sustainable water supply that will remain reliable during droughts
  • Conserves drinking water 
  • Reduces treated wastewater discharges to the San Francisco Bay
  • Keeps Hayward landscaping green

Project Facilities

Phase I of the Recycled Water Project involved the construction of a one million-gallon tank, a 1.6 million gallons per day (mgd) pump station, and a 0.5 mgd membrane treatment plant at the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility, as well as approximately 8.5 miles of distribution pipelines capable of delivering an estimated 260,000 gallons per day (about 290 acre-feet per year), of recycled water to approximately 32 Phase 1 customers.

In 2023, approximately 168,000 gallons per day (about 188 acre-feet per year) of recycled water was used for irrigation of parks, schools, and landscaped areas around commercial and industrial buildings. The City will be evaluating the feasibility of expanding the use of recycled water to serve additional users in the future.

Recycled Water FAQs

Phase 1 Service Area

Construction of recycled water pipelines to serve customers in the Phase 1 service area began in June 2018 and was completed in the spring of 2019. The tank and pump station construction was completed in 2019, and the treatment plant was completed in 2020. Recycled water deliveries to Phase 1 customers began in March 2022.

Download a PDF of the Project Area Map

Recycled Water Rates & Guidelines

Click here to learn more about the adopted recycled water rates.
Click here to view the Recycled Water Use Guidelines.

Contact Information

For questions about the Recycled Water Program, contact the Public Works & Utilities Department.