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Hayward's Wastewater Treatment Facility is a 2015 winner of the EPA's Green Power Leadership Award and was named 2015 Plant of the Year by the California Water Environment Association San Francisco Bay Section.

Green Power Leadership Award

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To reserve a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Facility, please call 510-293-5395.

The Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) is owned and operated by the City of Hayward and has been serving the City of Hayward since 1952. The WPCF treats an average of 11.3 million gallons of wastewater every day generated by Hayward's residents and businesses. Learn more about the wastewater treatment process.

The treatment meets the standards of the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Effluent (treated water) from the WPCF is pumped into the East Bay Dischargers Authority’s “super sewer” line for final disposal in the deeper water of San Francisco Bay.

Wastewater Facility Team

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