By the Numbers

Some of our best stories are told in numbers. Dive deeper to get the full rundown on Hayward, from our unparalleled diversity statistics to our amount of open space and parkland.
Hayward Social

This is your one stop shop for all of the City's social media activity. Get your information straight from the source with active feeds from the City, HPD, HFD, the library, animal shelter, airport and more.
The Stack on two mobile phones

Keep up with what is happening in Hayward here, with stories of interest, updates on City initiatives and requests for resident input.
Whats Happening in Hayward

There's always something happening in Hayward. Find information about upcoming City events here.
For the Media

Looking for the right departmental contact for a story, or trying to nail down basic Hayward background info? Our media center provides resources to help journalists save time and energy, including photo and video content available for reuse, our brand and style guide and more.

Modern maps tell us more than how to get from Point A to Point B. In the age of "Big Data," maps are windows into the future and microscopes revealing social and cultural trends.
Hayward History

What began as a small resort community surrounded by agricultural pursuits has evolved into a vibrant City of many cultures, histories and neighborhoods. Learn more about where we came from, the preface to where we're going.

Heart of the Bay

It’s no surprise that we’re shaking things up; Hayward is the epicenter of the dynamic Bay Area: 25 miles southeast of San Francisco, 14 miles south of Oakland, 26 miles north of San Jose and 10 miles west of the valley communities surrounding Pleasanton. Doing business in Silicon Valley? Get there fast via the seven-mile Hayward/San Mateo Bridge.