Tech Tutoring

Get 1-on-1 tutoring support for your mobile device.
A tutor helps a student use a tablet computer

What is Tech Tutoring?

Tech Tutoring sessions provide 1-on-1 support for people who have checked out a device from our Tech Lending Library, or those who would like general, basic tech support help.

3 Ways to Make an Appointment

  1. Use one of our appointment calendars (below)
  2. Contact us and we will schedule your appointment
  3. Drop in during Tech Tutoring hours on a first-come first-serve basis

Appointment Calendars

Downtown  Weekes 

How Long is an Appointment?

All appointments are for 30 minutes.

Interested in Being a Tech Tutor?

We are looking for more volunteer tutors. Please see our Tech Suport Tutoring volunteer page for more information.

For any questions, contact us at (510) 583-2120 or