Library Commision

Passionate about the role libraries play in our society and the Hayward community specifically? Help the Hayward City Council make critical decisions about library policies.
Adult Literacy

Literacy is the key to independence, self-sufficiency and pride. Help empower someone by providing them with the tools needed to get back on track. A few hours a week can change someone's life - and your life, too.
After School Homework Support

Whether a student is struggling with an entire subject or just needs a fresh perspective on a particularly difficult problem, providing a helping hand can make all the difference in the world. Assist students with their homework after school, Monday through Thursday.
Book-to-Action in the middle of a circle of books

Book-to-Action, the Hayward-born community-read project intended to spur civic responses to new-found knowledge, is taking on the issue of racial inequity in criminal justice and beyond through the memoir Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson.
A woman leading an English Conversation Circle

Literacy Plus offers free English Conversation Circles to adults 18+ whose native language is not English and who wish to strengthen their conversational English skills.
Friends of the Library

Even libraries need friends. The Hayward Friends of the Library are a committed group of volunteers dedicated to lifelong learning and empowerment through education.
Student Friends

Volunteer opportunities for students from 7th - 12th grade.