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Need help choosing what to read next? Get customized recommendations to find the perfect book!

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Book Match Customized digital book recommendations just for you!Book Match!

Get custom reading recommendations curated just for you by a local librarian. Fill out a short survey to get a customized list of books you'll love.

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Screenshot of Recent Staff Lists from catalogHPL Staff Booklists

Our librarians regularly create lists of recommended books on a variety of topics. To see the latest, visit our catalog and take a look at Recent Staff Lists!

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Discover the newest books, movies, and music available with your Hayward Public Library card. While you're exploring, you can sign up for a weekly email letting you know about all of our latest items!

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Ready for something new? NoveList Plus has you covered. Whether you’re hungry for a weird Western, book club best bet, or royal romance, our Recommended Reads lists will keep your to-be-read pile filled. Instructions for NoveList

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Discover books for children and teens that match their interests. Then, learn more about the book with author interviews, audiobook performances, discussion questions, and more.

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