Youth & Family Services Bureau

The Youth & Family Services Bureau is a unique part of the Hayward Police Department where police officers and professional counselors work side by side offering a variety of services to the residents of Hayward​

Welcome to the Youth and Family Services Bureau (YFSB). For more than 40 years, YFSB has focused on helping families succeed at home, school and in the community. YFSB seeks to strengthen the Hayward community through creating opportunities for kids to grow up in healthy and safe neighborhoods and schools. The dedicated YFSB staff strives to reduce delinquency and crime through a range of services that address the specific needs of each family. When a child is getting into trouble, sometimes law enforcement is not the answer. Sometimes it is. The teamwork between the cops and counselors in YFSB allows for each family’s unique situation to be assessed. YFSB also offers a variety of prevention services that encourage youth to stay out of trouble and provide them with positive ways to engage with their peers and the community.

The programs and services offered by YFSB include: