Plan Check Services

The Hayward Fire Department is responsible for ensuring that fire and life safety is provided and maintained in all buildings that are built with the City of Hayward. We offer a variety of Plan Check Services to help make sure that your proposed plans are in compliance with the City of Hayward Fire Ordinance.

Aboveground Storage Tanks

The Hayward Fire Code prohibits the storage of flammable or combustible liquid in aboveground tanks - 60 gallons in capacity or larger, unless approved by the Fire Marshal.

Approval is granted only if the Fire Marshal finds that the aboveground tank would not pose a danger to the environment, the neighboring properties, and the health, safety and welfare of the community. To get approval:

  1. Submit a written Alternate Means of Protection Request to the Fire Marshal;
  2. Explain how the proposed aboveground storage tank installation addresses concerns for public and environmental health and safety;
  3. Include a Site Plan showing the proposed location for the tank and technical descriptions of the tank and other related equipment.

Alternate Means of Protection

If practical difficulties prohibit the use of materials and methods prescribed in the Hayward Fire Code, the Fire Marshal may approve the use of alternate means of protection in the design, use or operation of a structure or equipment.

Approval is granted only if the Fire Marshal finds that the proposed alternate means of protection shall provide, at least, an equivalent quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety as those intended in the Hayward Fire Code.

Steps include:

  1. Completion of a Fire Department Permit Application
  2. A written request for approval that describes clearly the practical difficulties encountered or anticipated and explains how the proposed alternate means of protection secure public safety and meet the spirit and intent of the Hayward Fire Code;
  3. Submittal of the written request, the completed Fire Department Permit Application, and a check for the appropriate fees for the review of your proposal to:

Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention
777 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541-5007

Chemical Inventory for Construction Projects

For construction projects, including modifications and alterations, the Fire Department requires that a complete chemical inventory be submitted to determine the suitability of the building for the intended purpose.

The chemical inventory, usually discussed at a Code Assistance Meeting, classifies materials by hazard category and by the manner of use. Use the Chemical Inventory Worksheet (Hyperlink to form) to categorize your materials. The quantity and nature of the materials that would be handled and their locations inside or outside a building will determine the safety features that will be required for the facility.

Chemical Inventory Packet

For more information, please contact (510) 583-4900.

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