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Defensible Space

Defensible space refers to the area between a house and the reduction of the surrounding fuel sources to reduce the threat of destruction to the house from a wildfire.
A person with proper protective gear feeding a tree branch into an orange woord chipper

The City’s no-cost residential chipping program is part of our defensible space efforts. The program is open to any residential property east of Mission Blvd from the south side of D Street to the city limits south to Union City.
Screenshot of annual vegetation survey inspection sorftware

Annually, inspections of all properties east of Mission Boulevard and south of D Street to the border of Union City are conducted to help identify areas at higher risk for fire due to inadequate vegetation management.
Annual Fire Safety Inspections

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for coordinating and conducting fire and life safety inspection services for the City of Hayward. This critical work is every bit as important as emergency response, because the best fire to fight is one that never starts.
Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Materials Office ensures the consistent regulation of hazardous materials and waste throughout the state. Staffed by four civilian employees, the program’s efforts are focused on regulating the storage and use of hazardous materials in the City of Hayward.
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