Inspection Services

Hazardous Materials Inspections can be scheduled 48 hours in advance get more information on the inspection here.

After you have obtained the proper permit(s), you will need to schedule inspections during the course of work.

Hazardous Materials Inspections can be scheduled 48 hours in advance by calling (510) 583-4900. Please have the address, permit number, type of inspection and date of inspection when you call.

During the inspection you will have to demonstrate that you meet compliance with the appropriate governing codes such as the Hayward Adopted California Fire Code, CUPA regulations as well as any other items identified in your plan check approval comments. In addition to the installation of normal life safety systems before hazardous materials can be brought on site you must:

  • Complete and submit facility and hazardous materials/waste information to the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)
  • Submit Application for a “Consolidated Permit/Registration” and an annual permit fees
  • Provide adequate “Placarding” of the buildings and tanks.
  • Affix proper “Labeling” on containers, tanks, piping and areas.
  • Install adequate “Secondary Containment”
  • Ensure seismic anchoring or restraints are in place for tanks, vessels and equipment.
  • Security is provided to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous materials.
  • Position “Vehicle Impact Protection” around tanks, piping and associated equipment.
  • Monitoring equipment, systems and alarms shall be in place and functional.

Verification that portions or the full project have been completed will be done using inspection forms. For inspections associated with a building permit, please also have your yellow Building Inspection Card available for the inspector to sign.

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