Hayward-Fairview Defensible Space

For the past several years, the City has applied for and received grant funding for its defensible space efforts, which include: • No-Cost Tree Limb Chipping Service • Residential Assistance Program • Fuel Reduction Projects • Defensible Space Education/Community Meetings - These programs have been successfully funded by a California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) grant source. CFSC has recently awarded the City funds to run these programs during the summers of 2019 and 2020.

What is Defensible Space?

(Updated April 11, 2019)

Defensible space refers to the area between a house and the reduction of the surrounding fuel sources to reduce the threat of destruction to the house from a wildfire.  It is required for properties located on land considered a high-hazard fire area because of its proximity to open space areas, which is covered with grass, grain, brush or forest, whether privately or publicly owned.  Land which is so situated or is of such inaccessible location that a fire originating upon such land would present an abnormally difficult job of suppression or would result in great and unusual damage through fire or resulting erosion.

Property owners have a year-round responsibility to maintain vegetation on their property in a condition that will not contribute to the spread of fire.  Effective fire prevention measures can keep fires from starting and reduce hazards that threaten yours and your neighbors’ property.  For more information on the standards of defensible space, please read the PREVENTATIVE MEASURES FOR THE URBAN/WILDLAND INTERFACE AREA  guidelines.

Ways we have helped to accomplish defensible space are…Fuel Reduction Projects - Residential Assistance Program – Tree Limb Chipping Program

Click here for more information on our defensible space projects funded by a grant form the Cooperative Fire Program of the US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region, through the California Fire Safe Council.

The outreach and marketing of the above programs will also include materials to build awareness of the factors that increase the potential for wildfire damage in the high fire areas of the Hayward hills and Fairview.  Our ultimate goal is to focus residents on the things they can do to reduce fire hazards.

For more information on these programs and how to participate please call Fire Administration at 510-583-4930.