Chief Conteras

The Hayward Fire Department is fully engaged in providing the highest level of fire protection and emergency services today, while working relentlessly to innovate new ways to better serve the community in the future. The landscape of the fire service is ever changing, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that change...

The Fairview Fire Protection District (FFPD) provides fire and emergency medical services to the Fairview District community of Alameda County, California. Served by the Hayward Fire Department since 1993, the FFPD has been proudly serving the public since 1938 when it was founded as a volunteer fire department.

Whether we're launching a first-in-the-nation Firehouse Clinic or promoting a potentially life-saving smoke detector program, we've usually got something to say. Stay dialed into our news and advisories for valuable information about the Hayward Fire Department.

Even when we're not fighting a fire or responding to a medical emergency, there's a good chance you can find us out in the community. Check our events calendar for classes, workshops, public outreach events and other opportunities to engage with the Hayward Fire Department.