Power Outage Alerts

A Power Outage Alert will be issued during extreme weather or wildfire conditions. These shutoffs are determined by your local energy company and will be communicated by the Hayward Fire Department and the City of Hayward.

Current Public Safety Power Shutoff: 

Date Issued: 10/8/19  Expected Duration: Unknown

Current update as of: 8:00 a.m. 10/10/19

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. shutoff power to 1,400 residences in the Hayward hills and 2,000 in Fairview Fire Protection District shortly before midnight Wednesday as part of the utility’s sweeping strategy of de-energizing transmission and distribution lines to avoid sparking fires during risky weather conditions.

In response, the City of Hayward has increased and pre-positioned firefighter, police and emergency-dispatch staffing levels, and opened a cooling and device-charging center at City Hall.  Some pre-positioned firefighters were dispatched to help fight a fire in the hills around Moraga in Contra Costa County.

Hayward and Fairview Fire Protection District residents are invited to call (510) 583-4949 and visit www.hayward-ca.gov/psps online for up-to-date information on the wind event and power outages.  Due to anticipated increased service demand, residents are urged to avoid calling 911 except in an emergency.

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Map of Hayward areas impacted:

10/8/19 8:55 p.m. Map updated with address search feature:

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map of Hayward

Resources for Hayward Residents: 

Cooling and Electronic Device Charging Centers

Questions? Contact: (510) 583-4949 or visit:PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Event website

For general preparedness information visit our website.

See below for additional information about Power Outage Alerts:

  • Early Warning Notification – The City of Hayward will also send out alerts via our social media channels, direct emails, AC Alert and Nixle. 
  • Ongoing Updates – The City of Hayward will provide ongoing updates through social media, local news outlets and our website as we receive information from our local energy provider.
  • Resources - The City of Hayward will provide information about resources available to the community. This includes cooling and charging center locations.

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