Power Outage Alerts

A Power Outage Alert will be issued during extreme weather or wildfire conditions. These shutoffs are determined by your local energy company and will be communicated by the Hayward Fire Department and the City of Hayward.

Current Public Safety Power Shutoff:

Date Issued******  Expected DurationUnknown  Hayward ImpactNone  Current update as of **********

At this time there are no Public Safety Power Shutoffs planned for the City of Hayward or Fairview Fire Protection Districts. 

Hayward and Fairview Fire Protection District residents are invited to call PG&E at 1-866-743-6589 or visit PG&E's website online for up-to-date information on the wind event and power outages. 

PG&E POWER SHUTOFF WEBSITE Sign-up For City of Hayward Alerts

Map of Hayward areas impacted:

* This section will be active during a Public Safety Power Shutoff that impacts the City of Hayward or the Fairview Fire Protection District. 

Hayward GIS technicians have used information from PG&E's website to create an interactive map of the areas that could potentially be effected by PG&E's Public Safety Power Shutoff Event.   Information on the map will be updated as often as we can get information from PG&E and is subject to change. To view the City of Hayward map, click the red button below labeled: 'SEARCH YOUR ADDRESS'

Search your address PG&E PSPS ADDRESS LOOKUP

Resources for Hayward Residents: 

Cooling and Electronic Device Charging Centers

Questions? Contact: (510) 583-4949 or visit:PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Event website

See below for additional information about Power Outage Alerts:

  • Early Warning Notification – The City of Hayward will also send out alerts via our social media channels, direct emails, AC Alert and Nixle. 
  • Ongoing Updates – The City of Hayward will provide ongoing updates through social media, local news outlets and our website as we receive information from our local energy provider.
  • Resources - The City of Hayward will provide information about resources available to the community. This includes cooling and charging center locations.

What will our alerts look like?


Email Alert: 


Graphic showing what an email from the city would look like


Social Media Alert: 



Graphic showing what a social media post would look like


Signup to receive alerts from the City of Hayward: 


Public Safety Email List AC Alert


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Prepare for the power shutdown info graphic depicting the information provided below.

  1. Fuel up your vehicles
  2. Have flashlights and fresh batteries on hand instead of candles
  3. Charge mobile phones, other devices and re-chargable batteries
  4. Stock up on water, ice and non-perishable food supplies for at least 72 hours
  5. sign up to get local emergency alerts on our website.

Additional Resources:

Prepárese para el corte de energía.

  1. Cargue combustible de vehículos.
  2. Tenga linternas y baterías nuevas a mano en lugar de velas.

  3. Cargue el teléfono móvil, otros dispositivos y baterías recargables.

  4. Surtirse de agua, hielo y alimentos no perecederos durante al menos 72 horas.

  5. Regístrese para recibir alertas locales de emergencia en nuestro sitio web.

Recursos adicionales: