Earthquake Preparedness Information

We are prepared for the next big quake; are you? Learn how to prepare for an earthquake and get great safety tips provided by the American Red Cross, USGS, and the City of Hayward here.

Do you have anything specifically about my home or business that I should do? The Association of Bay Area Governments has taken steps to inform you about making your home safer, preparing your business or just preparing for transportation damage and traffic issues during and post-disaster.

Do we have the technology yet of predicting an earthquake? Not yet. But the USGS site under their earthquake hazards program speaks about the 1868 earthquake. You can download the article here and learn more about the potential hazards of a modern-day earthquake on the Hayward fault.

The USGS provides puzzles and games including informational links for kids 7 to 18 years old.

A coloring book that you and your parents can work on together.


Need earthquake materials for your classroom project? Get free download access and supplies here.

What do you have to help the school and students? Get school planners, training ideas and have access to links covering preparedness through coping with tragedy.

This is a one page tip sheet to help prepare infants through school age children in an earthquake.

Need more on earthquakes for teachers? Through FEMA you can download these publications or send away for copies in advance.

Looking for “Master of Disaster” curriculum? Get awareness information, what to tell children and how to prepare for a disaster.

Where do I start when it comes to earthquake safety? The Association of Bay Area Governments has information to jump-start your earthquake preparedness.

What’s available just for the homeowner? This PDF may be the most definitive homeowner’s guide available.

For commercial property what do you have? This 57 page Commercial Property Owner’s guide is loaded with safety info. Right from the California Seismic Commission this guide will help you before, and after you plan to sell.

Where can I learn more about earthquakes? Get the latest info from the Northern California Earthquake Hazards program. See how active and frequently the ground shakes here and around the world.

If we are interested in purchasing a home in this area what should we look for? This 32 page document will help you understand what to look for in selecting a home here in the Bay Area region. It also will give you the information you need once you settle in.

Will strapping my water heater really make a difference? The risk of fire and or explosion to your property is greatly reduced by properly strapping down and installing a longer flexible gas supply line to your water heater. Find out more with this quick two page directional sheet.

Looking for more information? Download tips and access many more informative links. The Governor’s office provides facts for both residential and commercial property owners.

Building a home or just wanting to be prepared? Download free publications from FEMA or order directly by calling.

Would you like an aerial view of the fault line? Get map information and see where the fault runs through Hayward. Requires “Google Earth” see link for free download instructions.

Is the Hayward fault due for a repeat earthquake of 1868? Get the 4 page report from the USGS.

Would you like to watch video about local Hayward fault concerns? The Hayward Earthquake Alliance brings you video, local activities, events, and additional resources.


What is a Tsunami? Get all the facts and have your questions answered too. Prepared by the Governor’s office, see what California is doing to prepare.

Is Hayward at risk of a Tsunami? Are you going to the beach? You should still learn about the signs and health effects that could affect bay area populations.

Can you help me understand the terminology? Know and understand the terms. Since they are a rare occurrence know the difference between what an Advisory, Watch and Warning are.
Tsunami Information

Resources & Publications

I’m still looking for additional resources? Get podcasts, photos, and videos from the USGS. Let this site inspire their minds.

Earthquake resources from PGE. Find out where it comes from and how to conserve.