COVID-19 Updates and Response Information

The City of Hayward is in continuous communication with Alameda County Public Health about COVID-19 and will share any important updates on this page as well as our social media channels.
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  • Hayward City Hall will be closed to the public on Fridays through the month of January as an extra measure to help prevent workplace transmission of coronavirus while still maintaining telephone and online access and customer services. DETAILS 
  • Hayward City Council meetings during the month of January will be held entirely online on the Zoom webinar platform as a precautionary measure in response to the current increase in coronavirus infections. DETAILS

What Hayward has done:

For a list of resources for the community visit our COVID-19 Community Resources page.

COVID-19 Homelessness Response Efforts:

Hand-Washing Stations

To provide increased sanitation options to the unhoused community, the City has placed eight hand-washing stations throughout Hayward. The stations will be in place for the duration of the shelter-in-place order

Alameda County Project Roomkey

Staff are in coordination with Alameda County to utilize 393 identified hotel rooms in Oakland as locations where COVID-19 positive homeless individuals can go. Some of these hotel rooms are available to high-risk homeless individuals who have other co-morbidity conditions that make them exceptionally vulnerable to COVID-19. To date, one individual from the Firehouse clinic has been referred to this service, however, declined.

An RFP was released in March to add additional hotel beds to Project Roomkey.

Increased Meal Offerings at Navigation Center

To help Navigation Center residents comply with the shelter-in-place order, the City is providing two meals daily to the Navigation Center, in addition to the one meal that is already provided. The meals are procured from local Hayward businesses.

RV Site

The City has received ten RV trailers from the City of Oakland, made available through the State. These RVs will be used to provide isolation housing for vulnerable homeless individuals and families. There are seven family RVs and three individual/couple RVs. BACS will provide on-site support and oversight. Staff are currently developing the referral process and will be able to begin the service in the next few days.

Matt Jimenez Community Center

An interdepartmental group of staff explored converting the Matt Jimenez Community Center into a service center for symptomatic unhoused individuals. The Center would have served as both a waiting area for individuals who had taken the test at the Firehouse clinic as well as a temporary shelter for COVID positive individuals. Due to perceived low demand for these services, staff are not pursuing this option at this time, however, could erect this service should the need arise.

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