21st Century Library Construction Update

Clio Hathaway | November 20, 2017

Construction Photo of 21st Century LibraryA new perspective on Hayward is taking shape! Here's a look at the view from the rooftop of the 21st Century Library under construction. This vantage point is from the clerestory, a raised element at the top of the three-story atrium that allows natural sunlight to wash into the center of the building's space. In addition to harnessing sunlight, it acts as a natural convection tower to help circulate air through the building.

Hayward's 21st Century library will be among the largest Zero Net Energy public libraries in the nation. The new library will be totally powered by renewable solar energy produced onsite. Clean, natural sunlight is a key part of the building's design, and it's put to work in multiple ways. Learn more about the building's advanced green features at