HPD Policies and CALEA

CALEA Accrediation - The gold standard in public safety.

HPD Policy Manual 

The Hayward Police Department was awarded its most recent CALEA accreditation in 2014. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) is a public safety accreditation process. The purpose of CALEA is to improve the delivery of public safety services, primarily by: maintaining a body of standards, developed by public safety practitioners, covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives; establishing and administering an accreditation process; and recognizing professional excellence.

The CALEA Accreditation Program provides law enforcement agencies with an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate their adherence to an established set of professional standards and includes an external, objective evaluation of departmental operations which may assist with the identification of potential areas needing improvement. In addition to providing an opportunity for self improvement, accreditation can instill a greater sense of confidence among departmental employees and the people of California, as well as our legislative leaders and controlling agencies. Ultimately, the CALEA Accreditation Program promotes the efficient use of resources and seeks to improve service delivery.

Accreditation Manager

Scott Turner