Coronavirus Testing Center

On Monday, Mar. 23, 2020, the City of Hayward opened a testing facility so sick people, first responders, and health-care workers with recent suspected exposures to the novel coronavirus can be tested for infection. No referral from a medical doctor is required to be screened.

Hayward Fire Station 7

The COVID-19 Testing Center, at Hayward Fire Station #7, 28270 Huntwood Avenue., has been established to take pressure off hospital emergency rooms, provide quicker answers for recently exposed first responders and health care workers, and to enhance the region’s capacity to suppress new transmissions through isolation after testing. The Center is outfitted to test up to 350 people a day. It is free to the public and open to anyone regardless of where they live or immigration status. Read the full news release.

Hours of operation:

Generally, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday or until the maximum available number of tests for the day are exhausted. Closed Mondays. 

To get tested, enter Huntwood Avenue from the south at Industrial Boulevard and travel north toward Tennyson Road. Huntwood Avenue will be closed to all other traffic except for people who live and work in the adjacent neighborhood.

Map to the testing site

Map to site

How it works:

People who present themselves at the testing center by car or on foot will go through a two-step screening process for COVID-19 disease before being administered a test, which involves swabbing of the nasal cavities and back of the throat. 

  1. At curbside check-in points, we will screen people for COVID-19 symptoms and suitability for testing. Lines to curb-side check-in and screening will be regulated to maintain safe distancing, traffic control and to not exceed the maximum of tests that can be performed per day.
  2. People initially approved for testing will be directed to an intake tent for verification of symptoms and suitability. People deemed not in need of testing will be directed away from the testing center location down Lustig Court.
  3. Once verified, people to be tested will move to a testing tent for COVID-19 testing and afterward receive discharge instructions.

 * Most test results will be available within 24 hours, depending on volume. 

Who can get tested?

At the direction of the Alameda County Health Officer, members of the general public must be symptomatic for COVID-19 infection and have a fever over 100 degrees in order to be tested.  COVID-19 symptoms include a cough and shortness of breath. 

A white tent and a brown tent set up in an open area

Testing tent 2

A brown tent inside a white tent

A look inside

Brown tent with white signage

Test tent 2 doors

A man standing inside of a brown tent

Command tent