Vehicle Driver Training

Welcome to the Online Driver Training course for the Hayward Executive Airport.

Online Driver Training & Test

These are the rules and regulations you will need to master to drive on the non-movement areas of the airport. There is a PowerPoint presentation followed by a 12-question exam. The passing score for this exam is 100%. If you do not achieve a passing score you may retake the exam but are limited to only two attempts within 24 hours. When retaking the exam, you must view the entire PowerPoint presentation again. The training and test can take up to 30 minutes to complete if you pass on the first attempt. Please give yourself enough uninterrupted time to complete the training and the test. It is recommended to give yourself at least an hour to review the material. 

If you are applying for a new Access Card, please fill out the Access Card Application and Authorization Form below, and if you do not have a lease with the City of Hayward you will need to get the leaseholder to sign the authorization section of the form. Please return the completed and signed form to the Airport Administration Office, 20301 Skywest Dr, Hayward, CA 94541.  

If you have any questions or concerns during this presentation, please contact us Monday-Friday 8:00 am and 5:00 pm by phone, (510) 293-8678, or by email, Any questions/concerns submitted outside of these hours will receive a response the next business day.

Applicants with disabilities or requiring reasonable accommodation for the examination will need to contact the Administration office at (510) 293-8678 or by email,

Online Driver Training & Test

Motor Vehicle Driving Safety Manual

Access Card Policy

Access Card Application and Authorization Form

Police Airport Access Card Application