Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division provides investigative and operational support for the Hayward Police Department.

The Special Operations Division is headed by a Captain who manages a variety of units. The Special Operations Captain oversees the Special Response Unit (S.W.A.T.), Canine Unit, Traffic Bureau, Reserve Unit, Honor Guard and is in charge of the Police Department’s Emergency Preparedness.

For more information about the Special Operations Division contact:

Captain Bryan Matthews




District Command

District Command is a physical element of the Hayward Police Department’s Community Policing and Neighborhood Policing efforts.

The Hayward Police Department strongly embraces the philosophy of Community Policing in all its daily operations and functions. Community Policing is based upon a partnership between the police and the community whereby the police and the community share responsibility for identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact community safety and order. By working together, the police and the community can reduce the fear and incidence of crime and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods citywide. In this effort, the community and police work as partners to identify and prioritize problems of crime and disorder and share the responsibility for the development and implementation of proactive problem-solving strategies to address identified issues. The strategies used prove success because they mobilize the efforts and resources of the police, the community and local government.

District offices are a physical element of the Hayward Police Department’s Community Policing and Neighborhood Policing efforts. We believe in being engaged in our neighborhoods and in providing police services that are accessible and understanding of the needs of neighborhoods. Rather than centralizing every police function from one central police facility with an expectation for the public to “bring issues to us,” we have established district offices that enable us to extend our community policing efforts and support closer to the neighborhoods we serve.

District Command has two district offices which were created to better serve the residential and business communities in Hayward.  Each district office is designed to be staffed by one Lieutenant, two Police Officers, one Crime Prevention Specialist and One Community Service Officer.  The Northern District office serves Hayward residents that are North of Harder Road and Hwy 92; while the Southern District office serves residents south of Harder Road and Hwy 92.  Both District offices are off site from the police department having their own “store front” to allow a high level of accessibility to the community. Each Lieutenant staffing the district offices, have been designated as “District Commanders”.  Their primary role is to serve as the department’s liaison with the community.  The District Commanders serve as a conduit between both the community and the police department as wells as the Police Department and City Hall regarding chronic neighborhood issues or any situations that are affecting quality of life for our residents.

North District Office: 22701 Main St. Hayward, CA

South District Office: 677 W. Tennyson Rd., Hayward, CA 

Lieutenant Ryan Cantrell

District Commander
Lt. Ryan Cantrell


Sgt. Tommie Clayton
South District Command Sergeant



Sgt. Faye MaloneyNorth District Command Sergeant



Community Oriented Police Problem Solving (COPPS)

This is the Hayward Police Departments model for proactively solving community problems. Community Oriented Police Problem Solving uses the "SARA" approach (Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) to examine characteristics of problems in the community and to develop appropriate strategies to reduce these community-identified crime and disorder issues. The objective is to reduce, eliminate or provide a better way of effectively responding to neighborhood problems.

Downtown Policing

A group of police officers riding their bicycles in Downtown Hayward

The Downtown Bicycle Unit is responsible for patrolling Downtown Hayward. The unit takes to the streets on bicycles and by foot rather than patrol cars. Officers use a community-policing method to improve interactions with the public and mitigate complaints. The goal of the unit is to work in a cooperative effort with stakeholders and community partners to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all people in the area. The unit educates and interacts with downtown Hayward businesses and associations to respond to complaints for littering, disorderly conduct and other quality-of-life issues. The mix of resources, division personnel and their excellent work ethic all contribute to providing the highest level of service to this unique area of our community.

For more information, please call: 510.293.5004

Canine Unit

A black and white photo of a police dog sitting in a police crusier

The Hayward Police Department’s K-9 unit has four Police Officer/handlers and four Police Service Dogs.

The K9s ride with the handlers and are deployed on the street as part of the uniformed patrol force. The dogs differ in skills and abilities, but are all certified annually to the standards of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.

The K9 unit in partnership with the community provide demonstrations to service clubs, schools and other organizations. They also perform question and answer sessions while attending public events throughout the bay area.

The K-9s are used to:

  • search confined spaces and/or large open areas
  • locate guns, money, clothing, etc.
  • locate hidden drugs
  • track the scent of a suspect or missing person
  • provide officer protection
For more information, please call Lieutenant Cory Linteo at 510.293.7211.

Crime Prevention Unit

Our Crime Prevention Unit provides multiple services to the citizens of Hayward to deter crime. We focus on educating citizens and getting them involved to work jointly with the Hayward Police Department to reduce the number of crimes and increase the quality of life for the community we serve. For more information visit the Crime Prevention Unit page.

Reserve Officer Program

The Hayward Police Department is committed to delivering quality service to our community and our motto is to strive for excellence and accountability. This is evident by the character of people who comprise our Reserve Bureau. For more information visit our Reserve Officer Program page.


Two police officers in tactical gear

In other agencies, Hayward’s Special Response Unit would be called a S.W.A.T. team. It is a critical incident response team of sworn law enforcement personnel from throughout the Police Department. They are used whenever the resolution of a situation requires specialized training and equipment outside the capabilities of beat officers. These officers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The SRU consists of 25 tactical officers, 9 critical incident negotiators, 2 tactical support officers, and 2 paramedics.

They respond to an average of 10-12 incidents per year including:

  • Incident containment, evacuation, and suspect negotiation
  • Sniper and counter sniper deployment
  • Tactical entry of barricaded structure
  • High risk warrant and arrest situations
  • Crowd control
  • Protection of dignitaries
  • Mutual aid requests from other jurisdictions

In order to be able to properly respond to these situations, officers assigned to the Special Response Unit receive an additional 160 hours of specialized training each year.





For more information, please call Lieutenant Cory Linteo at 510.293.7211.


Traffic Unit

Two police officers riding motorcycles down the street

The Hayward Police Department Traffic Bureau is comprised of a Sergeant, seven Motor Officers and an administrative secretary. The goal of the Traffic Bureau is to serve the community by enforcing the California Vehicle Code and many ordinances covered in the Hayward Municipal Code. Many of the current projects are in response to community concerns and complaints regarding speeding, bicycle and pedestrian safety as well as other vehicle violations. The ultimate goal of the team members is to foster greater overall traffic and pedestrian safety in the city.

HPD Officers in the Traffic Bureau have participated in a variety of specialized training in order to meet the requirements of a traffic officer within the department. Some of this training includes motorcycle training, precision driving, radar operation, several levels of accident investigation and accident reconstruction.

The Hayward Police Department Traffic Bureau is dedicated to enforcing all Vehicle Code and traffic related Municipal Code laws. The officers assigned to the Traffic Bureau currently enforce traffic laws in high accident intersections and conduct speed enforcement along major thoroughfares.

To report a traffic problem in your neighborhood, submit a Service Request below. Be sure to have an accurate address or location prior to making your report. Description of the nature of the problem along with dates and time will be beneficial for the Traffic Bureau to determine the best course of action.

Hayward Police Department Traffic Bureau: 510.293.7099

Report a traffic issue Truck Routes and Transportation Permits