Weed Clearance

Property owners have a year-round responsibility and obligation to maintain vegetation on their property in a condition that will not contribute to the spread of fire. Effective fire prevention measures can keep fires from starting and reduce hazards that threaten yours and your neighbors’ property.

The Hayward Fire Department wants you to be safe all year long, but especially during the FIRE SEASON.

Here are some tips that can help safeguard you and your property:

  • Create a 30 foot (30’) “defensible” space around structures by avoiding flammable plant and tree species or species that tend to build-up dead branches and foliage.
  • Emphasize the use of high canopy trees and low growing shrubs and ground covers in landscaping your property.
  • Limit the planting of large trees near and next to structures.
  • Use plants that can be easily pruned and maintained.
  • Remove weed growth that exceeds four inches (4”) in height by cutting, mowing, discing, or rototilling in the following areas:

    - Areas between the curbline and sidewalk
    - Edging along fencelines
    - Sidewalks
    - Next to buildings or structures.
  • Prune all overgrown plants, shrubs or trees.
  • Remove all cuttings and dead tree limbs.
  • Remove dead leaves, needles, and other dead vegetation from rooftops and rain gutters.
  • Remove low growing tree branches that are within six feet (6’) of the ground.
  • Remove loose peeling bark (such as with Eucalyptus trees) that is within six feet (6’) of the ground.
  • Remove tree branches that are located ten feet (10’) or closer to any chimney.
  • Install an automatic irrigation system for domestic landscaping and adequately water plants during hot dry periods.

For more information, please see our handout, Preventative Measures for Properties Requiring Weed Abatement, or call 510.583.4900.