The California State Fire Marshal requires that all multi-family residential apartment buildings in the State of California consisting of three or more units (R1/R2 properties) need to be inspected annually by the local Fire Departments.

These inspections will not be scheduled in advanced. The inspector will focus on your building perimeter and common areas, such as bonus rooms and laundry areas with an emphasis on safe egress routes, fire extinguisher certification, and smoke detectors. We are not asking for, nor do we have the authority to enter individual units. While at your property, the inspector will attempt to obtain the contact information of any managers or people responsible for your property, so staff can forward inspection results and any related documents.

The safety of your tenants, property, and the community is important to us. As a property owner, operator, or manager, you are encouraged to conduct a walk-through of your property and utilize the attached Hayward Fire Department’s Apartment Building Fire Safety Checklist as a guide. 

Please call the Fire Prevention Office at 510-583-4900 if you have any questions.