School Resource Officer Program

Police officers sitting at a childs table wearing backpacks

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program provides a wide array of services to the students, faculty, staff and community that make up each school.

The SRO is assigned to a particular campus as the on-site law enforcement agent working as a liaison for the school district. The SRO works hand and hand with school administration to instill a sense of safety for all students and faculty members in order to create a safe place for everyone to work and study.

The SRO not only enforces laws and investigates reported crimes on campus, but also serves as an advisor and instructor. The SRO consults with students, parents, faculty, and community citizens with issues of personal nature that affects the educational process of each person involved. The SRO also acts as a guest lecturer in class where personal and professional experiences can offer a different insight to a particular subject matter the teacher may be instructing.