Mandated Reporting

All fifty states have mandatory child abuse reporting laws requiring certain professionals and institutions to report suspected abuse. Such professionals include health care providers, mental health care providers, day care providers, social workers, public safety personnel, etc. In most states, a person who reports child abuse or neglect in good faith is exempt from civil and criminal liability.

In California, a report is required when a mandated reporter, in his or her professional capacity, or within the scope of his or her employment, has knowledge of, or observes, a child whom the reporter knows or reasonably suspects is the victim of abuse or neglect.

A report is also required when a commercial film and photographic print processors have knowledge of or observe any film, photograph, videotape, negative, or slide depicting a child under age 16 engaged in an act of sexual conduct.

Service Contacts:
Special Victims Unit 510.293.7034
Youth and Family Services Bureau 510.293.7048
To report any crime, call 510.293.7000.
To report a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.