Airport Welcomes Super Bowl 50 Fans

February 23, 2016

Planes at HWD

Super Bowl 50 was held on February 7 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara and it attracted thousands of football fans to the Bay Area. Some of those fans arrived in private aircraft at Hayward Executive Airport. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Hayward was the fourth busiest airport in the Bay Area after the three large commercial airports.

One-hundred and ten corporate jets flew in from all corners of the United States and were serviced by APP Jet Center (APP) a type of fuel supplier at the airport known as a “fixed base operator”. APP prepared a special reception area on the tarmac and had a fleet of 15-passenger vans to shuttle pilots and passengers from their aircraft to rental cars and limousines. Arriving passengers included a number of athletes, celebrities, and other VIPs.

Airport staff spent months preparing for the event including the creation of a special parking plan to accommodate the influx of aircraft. The Hayward Police Department (HPD) provided security and the Hayward Fire Department (HFD) was prepared for 24-hour emergency response on the airfield, but the entire event went smoothly. A significant volume of jet fuel was sold during the event generating additional revenue, but there were other benefits to the community. The arriving pilots and passengers used local ground transportation companies and patronized local hotels and restaurants. In addition, all of the major Bay Area television stations sent reporters to cover the excitement at the airport, generating good publicity.