Second ARFF Truck Arrives

January 1, 2016

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle for the Hayward Executive AirportThe Hayward Fire Department (HFD) has acquired a second Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle for use at the airport. The vehicle is a completely reconditioned 1993 E-One-Titan with a 500-pound dry chemical extinguishing system and a foam system.

ARFF is a special category of firefighting equipment designed specifically for emergency response to aircraft incidents. The E-One-Titan truck will be stationed at Fire Station 6 on airport property and it will augment the existing Oshkosh ARFF vehicle that has been in service since 2012. This will provide a primary and backup vehicle for even more reliable service.

There is no Federal requirement for general aviation airports to operate ARFF vehicles. However, to provide a higher level of service for airport customers and to enhance safety, the HFD has made a commitment to operate two ARFF vehicles.