Airport Operations News

by David Decoteau, Operations Supervisor

January 1, 2016

There has been an increase in the number of aircraft operations in the past year, and this additional air traffic at HWD also translates into more vehicles, equipment, and pedestrians moving on the airport. In the interest of safety, it’s critical to understand what areas of the airport are off limits.

The aerial photo of the airport depicts in red where access is not authorized without prior approval and completion of an airport driver training class. The yellow movement/non-movement boundary marking should never be crossed without approval from the airport and air traffic control. In other words, you should not be on foot or driving near the runways and associated taxiways for any reason. If you observe an unauthorized pedestrian or vehicle in the movement area, please immediately contact airport staff at 510.293.8678 or after hours at 510.385.1104.

David Decoteau, Operations SupervisorThanks for your cooperation. Please remember that only storm water should enter the airport’s storm water drains. Please utilize designated oil disposal stations at the East & West T hangars to dispose of used oil and filters, and wash all aircraft at the designated airport wash pads. If a spill occurs, please contact the airport office or security line.

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