Compost Giveaway Draws Nearly 400 Residents

The Hayward Utilities & Environmental Services and Maintenance Services Departments teamed to host the City’s summer Compost Giveaway Event on Saturday, August 27. Nearly 400 residents visited the Corporation Yard at 16 Barnes Court and each household received four bags of organic-certified compost.  Maintenance Services staff worked efficiently and promptly to load cars, keeping the line moving quickly and pleasing residents. 

Compost Giveaway

Several residents posted positive remarks about the event on City social media sites. The free event is offered to Hayward residents twice a year as part of the City’s contract with Waste Management.  Residents show proof of residency and receive compost created in part from food scraps and yard trimmings collected from Hayward residents and businesses.  Providing compost back to residents closes the loop in the organics recycling process as Hayward households reap the rewards of separating food scraps and yard trimmings as opposed to sending them to landfill. The event was promoted via a bill insert in garbage bills. Copies of the insert were also placed at libraries and the event was posted on, Facebook and Twitter.  The City’s inaugural Giveaway event was held in September of 2015 and about 380 residents attended.

The next Giveaway will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016, from 9am-noon at 16 Barnes Court.