Big belly trash and recycling receptacles installed throughout Hayward

Part of the City’s role in keeping trash off of Hayward’s streets is to provide public trash cans. Utilities and Environmental Services staff recently selected locations of fifteen new “Big Belly” trash and recycling receptacles based on review and general direction from the Council Sustainability Committee. The new cans are primarily on Mission Boulevard, Tennyson Road and Hesperian Boulevard. Maintenance Services staff completed the installations.

Big Belly Trash Can

Why Big Belly? In addition to more capacity for trash and recyclables, the size and design of the openings limit the potential for household garbage. Three Big Belly units were initially installed in the downtown a few years ago and have proven to be versatile and practical. The eighteen Big Belly units are in addition to the approximately 280 public litter containers located throughout the City. As part of the contract with Waste Management that took effect March 1, 2015, the City received 20 pair of Big Belly units and will soon receive 50 new exposed aggregate containers. Five Big Belly units have been set aside for future needs.

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