Staff Picks: H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald

Helen Macdonald is a gifted writer. I enjoyed listening to the audio book version, read beautifully by the author. Her images of natural surroundings and hawk behavior and her adventures in falconry were riveting and magnificent, and her personal journey was very moving.

I had no idea that she alternates her story with that of T.H White (I was a fan as a child, of his Once and Future King). I'd like to read The Goshawk. I'd also like to read a biography of T.H. White. Her musings on the disappearing vitality and diversity of the English countryside made a great impression on me, as well. Hunting with a hawk makes you into an acute observer of the ecology as you learn to notice everything the hawk sees. 

Anyone who has suffered a sudden bereavement, anyone who comes to a point in their life where they are questioning everything, or who have realized that setting themselves a fierce challenge might be just the ticket to get over a serious bump in their life, would really appreciate this memoir.

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Picked by Emily O.