Organizational Health

Colorful donut chart showing the FY 2023 budget breakdown

FY 2023 | $ 194.7 Million:

Police 44% Finance 2.7%
Fire 25.1% Public Works & Utilities 2.1%
Non-development & Transfers 7.6% Human Resources 1.7%
Development Services 5.3% City Attorney 0.8%
Library 3.7% City Clerk 0.5%
City Manager 3.2% Mayor & Council 0.2%
Maintenance Services 3.1%

Fiscal Outlook — The organizational health of our 900-employee municipal government begins with fiscal resilience, discipline and strength, and the ability to reliably deliver core City services to the Hayward community. The City General Fund budget accounts for most of these core services. The City’s current Fiscal Year 2022-23 General Fund budget shown to the right reflects an overall five percent increase in spending over Fiscal Year 2021-22 while maintaining a robust 23 percent General Fund operating reserve.

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