Please see below for downloadable application.

Garbage Collection Fee Discount: The Hayward City Council passed a mandatory trash collection ordinance requiring all Hayward residents to subscribe to garbage collection service.  Approved applicants must reside within the Hayward city limits to receive this discount.

Hayward Water System Discount:  Approved applicants receive a discount on their Meter Service Charge each billing period.

Emergency Services Facilities Tax Exemption:  The ESFT is a general tax levied on all residences and businesses in the City of Hayward.  Approved applicants are exempt from this tax.

Administrative Hearing Deposit Waiver:  Approved applicants have the hearing deposit requirement waived.

Utility User Tax Exemption: The tax is waived on participating agencies (an annual UUT Exemption Refund request may be necessary)

When calculating the total gross income*, it must include the total income for everyone residing at the address and include documentation for each person’s income.

Your application will not be processed without the documentation verifying your gross income.

Acceptable forms of documentation may include:

  • Copy of IRS return for the previous year (first page only showing income)
  • Copy of AFDC or Welfare Aid Verification with amount of benefit
  • Copy of disability check or statement for amount of benefit
  • Copy of a recent SSI and/or Social Security check or copy of a recent Bank Statement (if you have direct deposit)
  • Copy of a recent pay stub

These are examples of documentation; we do not need one of each.  All that is necessary is enough documentation that will verify the amount of income you list on the reverse side of the application.  Please do not send original documents, they will not be returned.

Completed applications may be brought or mailed to:

City of Hayward Revenue Division
777 B Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Phone: 510.583.4610
TDD: 510.247.3347




    $40,700 per year - 1 person family    



    $58,100 per year - 4 person family    



    $72,050 per year - person family    



    $46,500 per year - 2 person family    



   $62,750 per year - 5 person family    



  $76,700 per year - 8 person family     



    $52,300 per year - 3 person family      



    $67,400 per year - 6 person family    



    $4,600 for each additional person    



*Gross income is the total income of every person residing at the address (family and roommates), from whatever source before deductions, whether taxable or non-taxable, including but not limited to wages, salaries, interest, dividends, spousal or child support payments, public assistance, social security, pensions, and any income from self-employment, including rental property income.