Fire Department

Hayward Fire Personnel Pull Off Miraculous Fleet Week Rescue

Off Duty Fire Fighters Rescue Man Who Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge

October 6, 2016

Yesterday, while out in the Bay enjoying Fleet Week, four off duty Hayward Ca Firefighters noticed a person falling from the Golden Gate Bridge. Without hesitation they sprung into action. The experienced commercial fishing boat operator and Fire Captain Russey powered into the area where the victim plunged into the cold water within minutes. As if the bay waters knew that there was someone in trouble, they stilled long enough to allow the vessel to get next to the victim, where three off duty firefighters (Fire Captain Dan Wuerthner, and Apparatus Operators Ethan Kochis and Rob Frank) were able to quickly pull the lifeless victim out of the water and into the boat.

A quick medical assessment was performed and confirmed that the fall victim was pulseless and apneic (not breathing and no pulse). The off duty firefighters began CPR while the fishing boat operator radioed the US Coast Guard (USCG) giving their coordinates and requesting a Fire Engine and Ambulance to meet them at a particular cove that they knew would be the best and fastest location to move the victim from the sea to land.

While en-route to the cove, the off duty firefighters CPR efforts were proven successful when the victims heart started back to beat. Once reaching land and meeting up with the US Coast Guard, the Hayward Fire Department off duty firefighters, who are all also veteran Paramedics, continued to assist the USCG with medical treatment until the arrival of the local Fire Department and Ambulance personnel. 

As expected by all Hayward Firefighters, our off duty personnel continued to assist and help until the victim was in the back of the ambulance.

Knowing that the fall victim was in great hands the off duty Hayward Firefighters simply said "cool" and went back on the Bay to finish their day,  proving the HFD tradition of great service to anyone in need with no thank you needed.