The Stratford Village neighborhood is located within a large drainage basin and the Ward Creek drainage facilities run along the western edge of the neighborhood. The Stratford Village Stormwater Lift Station, located at the end of Pacheco Way in the southwestern corner of Stratford Village, pumps water out of the neighborhood into a drainage facility (Ward Creek).This lift station is the only privately built stormwater lift station in the City, initially funded by the developer, and able to be operated and maintained, with capital items being repaired and replaced solely with property tax special assessment revenue collected by the benefited property owners.

Current funds generated from the annual property special assessments are no longer sufficient to properly operate and maintain the Stratford Village Stormwater Lift Station and provide the needed repair and replacement of capital assets for the station to operate at its original, intended, and needed level of service.

Through a series of mailers, virtual community meetings (listed below), and virtual City Council meetings, staff is seeking input from Stratford Village property owners regarding the best path forward to protect Stratford Village from flooding.

Learn more about the Stormwater Lift Station on the Stratford Village Flood Prevention Project page.

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