Downtown Hayward Speed Reduction Pilot Project



The City of Hayward Public Works Department plans to implement a pilot program in the downtown loop (Mission/Foothill Boulevards) in an effort to address concerns regarding speeding within the corridor.

Adjustments will be made to each signalized intersection within the loop north of Fletcher Lane as a traffic-calming measure. The change will shorten the cycle lengths of each signal by approximately one-third. The shorter cycle lengths should help reduce overall speeds within the corridor by eliminating the ability of drivers’ to travel through multiple intersections without stopping.

By way of background, all intersections in downtown Hayward on Mission and Foothill boulevards (from A Street to Industrial Parkway) are part of Hayward’s Adaptive Traffic Control System.  The goal of an adaptive system is to optimize traffic flow through an entire corridor.

Shortened traffic signal cycles will undoubtedly result in longer travel time for many drivers through the corridor but the tradeoff should yield reduced speeds and roadways more conducive to pedestrians, cyclists and public transit.

The pilot period for these changes is scheduled to begin September 12 and  run for three months.  Engineers will fine tune signal timing to smooth traffic flow and gather data to assess whether the changes are achieving the goal of reduced speeding and improved safety.

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