City of Hayward - Heart of the Bay

  Project Overview
Community Meetings
  May 28, 2009
  Notice of Public Hearing
  Meeting Agenda
  July 30, 2008
  Notice of EIR Scoping Session
  June 18, 2008
  Notice of Community Meeting
  Meeting Agenda
  February 6, 7 and 13, 2008
  Notice of Community Meeting
  November 3, 2007
  Tour Notice
  October 3, 2007
  Notice of Community Meeting
  Environmental Constraints Map
  Existing Land Use Map
  Existing Zoning Map
  General Plan Map
  Open Space Connections Map
  Project Scope and Timeline
  Community Meeting Summary
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Land Use Alternatives
  Alternative A: Market Potential
  Alternative B: Community Meetings
  Alternative C: Policies and Public Agencies
  City Council Report 6-30-09 Item #7
  City Council Work Session 6-17-08
  Existing Conditions Report
  Table of Contents - 146KB
  Chapter 1: Existing Demographic, Fiscal, and Market Conditions - 10.4MB
  Chapter 2: Existing Land Use and Accessibility Assessment - 27MB
  Chapter 3: Existing Infrastructure, Transportation and Circulation Assessment - 4.2MB
  Chapter 4: Biological Resources Assessment - 42.6MB
  Appendices - 69.9MB
  October 17, 2006
  November 14, 2006
Environmental Documents
  Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) (2.9MB)
  Attachment A (13MB)
  Attachment B (14MB)
  Attachment C (13MB)
  238 Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (16MB) – No Appendices
  Part One (6MB)
  Part Two (2MB)
  Part Three (6MB)
  Part Four (2MB)
  Appendix 8.1 – Initial Study (26MB)
  Appendix 8.2 & 8.3 – Notice of Preparation (NoP); Responses to NoP (11MB)
  Appendix 8.4 – Air Quality Tables (7MB)
  Appendix 8.5 – Biological Table (11MB)
  Appendix 8.6 – Noise Report (14MB)
  Appendix 8.7 – Traffic Tables (97MB)
  Appendix 8.8 – SB 610 Water Analysis (1MB)
  Notice of Public Hearing and Availability of DEIR
    A copy of the Draft EIR may be reviewed at the Main City Library, the Weekes Branch Library or at City Hall Permit Center.

  Hayward EIR Process
  Notice of Preparation (NOP)
  Initial Study Checklist
  Exhibit 1
  Exhibit 2
  Exhibit 3
  Exhibit 4
  Exhibit 5
  Exhibit 6
  Exhibit 7
  Table 1
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