City of Hayward - Heart of the Bay

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Winter Storms
  • I’m new to this area. What should I know? Avoid unnecessary travel and stay tuned to local radio or television stations.
    Winter Storm Info»

  • Where can I get detailed, updated weather information just for my area? Get it on your own through the National Weather Service. Just click on the map provided or add your zip code.
    National Weather Service - Bay Area »

  • Does any agency have a 24 hour rainfall report? Find out how much rain has fallen in the county and surrounding areas.
    National Weather Service - Rainfall Reports »

  • What if it snows? It has snowed many times in Hayward with typically, only the hills getting enough to stick. Don’t get caught off-guard by a rare snowfall or extended freeze. Take protective measures recommended by FEMA.
    Are You Ready? - Winter Storms »
  • What steps should I take to prepare for lightning? When a thunder storm approaches so does lightning! Protect yourself by learning what to do as the storm nears.
    Severe Thunder Storm »

  • What is a dry thunderstorm? Whether you are at home or out camping know the facts.
    Are you Ready? - Thunder Storms »
Hurricane Type Weather
  • Is it even possible to experience a hurricane here in Hayward? Here in the bay area you may have heard “Hurricane force winds” on the news. These winds are not from hurricanes or typhoons but from extratropical storms. Hurricane info is given to help you prepare for the rare extratropical storms that can hit and do hurricane type damage to a rather typical climate.
    Hurricane »

  • How do I prepare for a severe weather emergency? A severe storm can interrupt power, drinking water, and waste water. Have preparedness information available to you should you decide on traveling outside the area.
    Hurricanes »
Flood - Flashflood
  • Should I even be concerned about flooding in Hayward? Nearly every city in the bay area has the potential to flood during heavy rain storms. Know your areas flood risk by talking to neighbors and learning the history in your area.
    PDF - Printable Document Flood - Flashflood »

  • What can my community do? This 16 page document will help your neighborhood realize the possibility of a flood when the ground becomes saturated.
    PDF - Printable Document National Weather Service - Floods »

  • Is there any way of knowing in advance if flooding is imminent? Keep an eye on the weather by staying informed. Access the hydrologic prediction service and stay tuned to the local forecast.
    National Weather Service - Flood Awareness »

  • What are the steps to take if I do get flooded out? Look at this quick list or download a 56 page document to take with you on how to repair your flooded home.
    Repairing Your Flooded Home »

  • How do I build a sandbag barrier? Scroll down this list brought to you by the Department of Water Resources and print the PDF’s you think you may need before the water rises.
    PDF - Printable Document Flood »

  • Any other information I can get ahead of time? These two sites will continue to educate us on the potential of a severe rain storm. Get FEMA’s guides and brochures and retrofit your home in advance of the storm waters..
    Protect Your House From Flooding »
    Are you Ready? - Flood »

  • What do you have for me if I live in a mobile home park? The Governor’s office has compiled a 24 page document just for you and your neighbors. Help yourself and don’t forget to assist your neighbors in the time of need.
    PDF - Printable Document Mobile Home Parks »
  • How hard does it have to rain to have a mud or landslide? Not much in some cases. The conditions have to be right but usually severe rain saturation must occur.
    Mudslide »

  • How will I know if my hill will slide? The most common seen have been along the ridge above Mission blvd. Find out what type of earth lies in your backyard from the Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey’s classifications.
    Landslides »

  • What can I do to help prevent a slide? Distinguish between normal ground settling and an impending slide. Identify the warning signs. If unsure, get an opinion from a geotechnical engineer.
    Are You Ready? - Mudslide »
Heat Wave
  • What is a “Heat Wave”? Typically a heat wave is a prolonged period of heat and high humidity. For the Hayward area when it gets hotter the humidity decreases which can cause severe dehydration especially in the older population.
    PDF - Printable Document Heat Wave »

  • Can a heat wave be that serious? Heat affects the human body in many different ways. Understand the warning signs that your body displays.
    National Weather Service - Heat Wave »

  • Are the signs and symptoms the same if you are older? A quick reminder list for heat stress in the elderly.
    Extreme Heat - Elderly »

  • What if the power goes off during a heat wave? Be aware of the safety of food. If possible get to a local cooling center for relief.
    Extreme Heat »

  • Are there any good resources available? Several documents are available from the EPA. Yes, “Planning for Older Adults and Family Caregivers” a 4 page document and the “Excessive Heat Events Guidebook” a 60 page guide that contains solutions for local Government and Businesses.
    Extreme Heat Events »

  • What about the heat wave every summer? Not all summers here are severe. Get some summertime health and safety tips on this quick read. Find out what to wear and what to eat during the heat.
    Heat Related Illness »

  • What is our Government at the State level doing to help us? This 61 page contingency plan incorporates many agencies that would assist local governments during a serious heat wave.
    Heat Contingency Plan »

  • Do the Feds have any additional information on extreme heat? Find what FEMA has prepared and what states have recorded the highest temperatures. Have knowledge of what the “Urban heat island effect” is.
    Are You Ready? - Extreme Heat »
  • A drought doesn’t seem to be a disaster, is it? Although we have been through drought years before we still need to prepare if the rains don’t return in full.
    Drought »

  • How will a drought affect me? Get your questions answered here from the Department of Water Resources. Imagine a severe drought coupled with another type of disaster. Don’t let the seriousness cripple you or your family. Have a plan in place.
    Drought »